Public Notice:- Please be informed that Samadhan is a genuinely registered voluntary organization and it does not do any Placement, Recruitments, Jobs or field work. Please be informed, we are not responsible if some criminals doing fraud by using our name and logo fraudulently to dupe people. 1-We from SAMADHAN express our condolences on account of the unprecedented natural calamity Earthquake, particularly in the State of NEPAL. 2-The Founding President Advocate Renu D Singh has been Awarded ICON of Uttarakhand for Women Empowerment & Exemplary Social Work, by State Union of Working Journalists a part of Indian Federation of Working Journalist – IFWJ 3-Adv.Renu D Singh consistently fought for Justice for a Poor Valmiki Girl for Five years - the girl was Gang Raped by Powerful Politicians - On 25th Sept 2013 a landmark verdict was given by the Dehradun Court of the Honble. Justice Amit Sirohi announced that the court has found the accused Promod Gupta Former Cooperative Bank Chairman and former Senior Political leader and their associates Guilty of Gang Rape and & was given Double Life Sentence. 4-Dear Members & Visitors Please leave your Comments on the GUEST BOOK, Thanks.

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POSTED BY : Sakshi Sah

I believe that as human beings, we all ought to contribute something or the other to the society. When I started working with Samadhan, as a Social Work Trainee, I learnt so much from the life of my Mentor, Adv. Renu D Singh. Ma’am planted a spark in my heart to work for women because there is a lot to be done yet. In all aspects, women are left behind and are suffering in different areas. Ma’am really encouraged me from the beginning to use all my abilities and skills to change lives wherever I go. I will strive my best, to bring about a transformation in the lives of women and by training them (after I am fully trained) to be empowered. Like Ma’am, even I want to witness women attaining higher positions in different firms, and a holistic development through that! 

We youths have so much power to make the society, community, and the world a much better place. I would like to work for a greater cause in the near future. 

                                                          POSTED ON : Thu, 16 Mar 2023

POSTED BY : Tanasvi Mittal


23rd January 2022

 It was very exciting to work with Mrs. Renu. She is someone I inspire to become. The work ethics and morals followed by her were very motivating. Every session was very informative, and I gained a lot of knowledge. Furthermore, I really appreciated as ma’am continuously worked for social causes. She always stood up for the week and never once took advantage of them in any sort. 

With continuous research about topics varying from The Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), protocols of doctors and police to protect sufferers from domestic and sexual violence, how to write Right to Information (RTI) , Right to Education (RTE),  Mental Health Act, Anganwadi System, several gender policies to name a few. 

I also attended several counselling and workshops with ma’am. Her enthusiasm to provide knowledge to was very refreshing. During those counselling sessions, I learnt how to carefully question the victims without overwhelming them. Coming across the real victims, continuously ensured that the path I have chosen to be a lawyer was indeed a very wise one. This helped me with my communication skills and how to be spontaneous while giving responses. 

My most memorable session was when I attend a Facebook live on SINGLE SENIOR CITIZENS STRUGGLES. I often don’t speak enough but it was very helpful of ma’am to make me attend the show as I was able to present my views on the topic. 

All sessions helped me acquire wider perspective towards cases and acts. It was enriching to work with someone of such great knowledge. Addition to have been provided the legal knowledge, ma’am continued to show me how to work hard and be benevolent, even those who might lead a very different lifestyle from us. 

I look forward to working with ma’am in the future.



                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 23 Jan 2023

POSTED BY : Dhiraj Nahar

आदरणीय रेणु जी

आज हमारे के कुछ मेंबर जो देहरादून घूमने गए थे अचानक उनकी तबीयत खराब हो गई। परिवार का कोई भी सदस्य वहां मौजूद नहीं था। संकट की अवस्था में आपने अपना जो समर्पण दिखाया तन मन धन से उन सदस्यों को जो भी उनकी जरूरत थी चाहे वह मेडिकल सर्विस हो चाहे वह आप के घर का बना खाना हो आपने हर जरूरत को पूरा किया। पूरे मंच परिवार की ओर से आपकी इस निस्वार्थ सेवा के लिए आपको एवं आपके साथ कार्यरत सभी साथियों को धन्यवाद देता हूं। आपका बहुत-बहुत आभार ईश्वर से आपके दीर्घायु अच्छी सेहत की कामना करता हूं आप इसी प्रकार मानव सेवा को जारी रखें यह कामना करता हूं।

धीरज नाहर
राष्ट्रीय सहायक मंत्री Zone I
अखिल भारतीय मारवाड़ी युवा मंच

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 03 Jan 2023

POSTED BY : Srishti Agarwal

My experience of internship
Samadhan foundation is a great place to work in. It was my dream from childhood to work in such an organization.
Renu ma'am always inspired me and motivated me to do work. 
The organisation atmosphere is very positive and  of helping nature. It feels like family u will never feel alone.
During my internship i learnt about the women empowerment and gender equality which are the major problems of today and still they are not so highlighted.
Samadhan foundation does a great work by providing 24/7 services for women.
Renu ma'am is an idol for me and definitely whatever i learnt from here i will follow in my future.
I would always work to again for this organisation.
At last u will feel a better and positive person in yourself.

                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 04 Jul 2022

POSTED BY : Vedanshi Raghav

As the name "Samadhan" itself suggests, it is a solution, a beacon of hope, to whoever comes looking for help. 

My thirty days of internship under Advocate Renu D.Singh ma'am, has been an eye opening experience for me.

This experience has taught me so much about the conditions of the society that I feel like, all my life I have been living under a rock. Understanding the ground level scenario has filled me with so much motivation to strive towards achieving gender equality and helping the underprivileged people to gain justice. 

I am a Public Policy and Administration student, and my internship at Samadhan has taught me the importance and necessity of policy measures for the betterment of the society. 

I would like to thank Renu Ma'am for her guidance and patience, and most importantly the opportunity to be able to work with you and work for a great cause, a cause I believe in. 

I wish Samadhan all the best for the future, I have no doubt that they will help countless more people and bring about necessary changes in the society.

Thanking you.

Vedanshi Raghav

Public Policy student.

                                                          POSTED ON : Fri, 09 Jul 2021

POSTED BY : Sandhya Pant


This is for all my future interns externs Internships are beneficial because they help in developing your professional aptitude, strengthen personal character, and provide a greater door to opportunity. While law school teaches you the fundamental substantive law you need to know to "Think Like a Lawyer", the key is learning how to apply those concepts and principles learned in the classroom to situations in the real world. An internship offers students the opportunity.

Samadhan NGO is the right place for this because it gives a solution to your problem & a need of your life. In samadhan, the Internship is not only about learning laws and regulations, it's about developing yourself in all aspects. Being a law student internship is very important for them, books are not enough, they need to face real issues in their daily life and learn from them.

During my one month internship, I saw many real life cases and learned many things like the importance of education, gender laws, how we can empower women and also I learned some basic professional ethics.

Being a samadhan intern you get a lifetime membership and as well as become a family member of samadhan. Samadhan is a solution to all my problems and gives me strength and motivation.

Lastly, I would like to say that in samadhan my days were filled with happiness and with experience. Every day is a new day for learning new things. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH ADVOCATE RENU D SINGH MA'AM for giving me so much guidance and knowledge.

Thanking you.

Sandhya pant


                                                          POSTED ON : Sat, 06 Mar 2021

POSTED BY : Mili Rawat

I Have Done My Winter Internship In Samadhan N.G.O.

From the beginning of my internship I have always been motivated and inspired by Advocate Renu D. Singh ma'am all the time. She has always taken care of me and provided full support. The atmosphere in the N.G.O is very nice and the people here are very friendly. The main thing that I liked about Samadhan is the professionalism of the people. Samadhan provides free legal aid to all the women victims and survivors. The women's helpline is available for 24 hours and 7 days a week. They are always ready to help the needy and ma'am is just a call away from redressing your problems. Samadhan is bent towards its goal in helping people and is very much committed to its work. My internship experience has been wonderful and I would love to stay connected with Samadhan in future.

Thank you.

Mili Rawat

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 28 Jan 2020

POSTED BY : Anubhav Matgur

I came here as an intern but I am going as a family member. All are law students here. When I came here then I realized that LAW would be beneficial for me also because I'm from the field of social work.

In samadhan, all people work together, there is no boss, all are equal. The atmosphere of the samadhan was very happy, it was the best I loved most in samadhan about gender equality.

I had a joyful and memorable month here. We worked, played, laughed and ate together. One who comes here gets attached to the Samadhan's Family and feels like his own family.These days are just unforgettable for me.

It was a good experience interacting with other students in class. I never felt in samadhan that I am away from my family, it felt like I'm at my home itself. Samadhan is doing excellent work for women empowerment. I personally experienced how Samadhan  always fights against the evil of society. Mam you and the entire team is always fighting for equity and Justice for women. In samadhan I Learn how to remove gender discrimination from society and to know about how RTI and PIL are filed. How to make women empower in society and how to strengthen the law system .

I am very grateful to you, for giving me an opportunity to work under your esteemed guidance and I got to learn so much from you.

My days in Samadhan have been very beneficial,  helpful and knowledgeable. I remember all your teachings and advice given to us, during our Internship.

Samadhan is a temple for me, I want to thank you wholeheartedly, to u Mam who chose me as an intern and gave me a chance to come here.

Anubhav Mathur

Social work student

Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University

                                                          POSTED ON : Sun, 14 Jul 2019

POSTED BY : Jyotirmayee Devi

A Life Time Experience  - (Dont Mis  it)

Its natural we stay away from our house and we miss hour by hour. Similarly I will miss Samadhan because it is my home now. Time was there when I left home and cried. But after I came to Samadhan I have learned and I realized that Discipline is necessary in our life. It was tough at first I wasnt responsible, nor was least bother for myself which I gained here to be responsible. I learned to explore my qualities, I got a chance to give ideas and gain ideas from my mentors, understand, learn, act and experience.

Samadhan for me is a Temple where all my problems are solved and gained strength to deal with my problems. The work we learned here and the days I spent here is a memorable one 

Now if anyone asks me what a real life is, I can explain what I have experienced here and Samadhan is a best example .It is easy to give speech on social work but it is 10 times difficult to prove it in work. The members of Samadhan has rescued the female victims and gave them a new life which is possible only by their dedication, determination, discipline and devotion to their mission.

The documentaries which I saw here touched my heart and now I realized that women empowerment is necessary in our country. Women should be aware of their rights, they should be protected in the society because without women a man is not complete .hence both the genders should give respect to each other.

Moreover, I learned the proceedings of a case in the court room, attend the conference at Dehradun District Bar Association, on Land Revenue how there are changes in amendments in the section, knew about the sc/st Act and their protection, Rights, interacted with the Lawyers, and also played as an Activist went for camps in villages to aware people about different Law and above all learned to stand for our Rights and for others whenever Rights are Hampered.

Hence my days are filled with experience and happiness. So I am heartily thankful to Samadhan to give me a beautiful and memorable Internship and showed me the right path to walk ahead.

I welcome the New Interns to visit Samadhan because this Samadhan will surely change the personality of a child and develop the feeling of true spirit of humanity.

Positivity is the best way to get success in life. Be selfless and stay positive.



                                                          POSTED ON : Sat, 06 Jun 2015

POSTED BY : Aastha Thapli

Ms. Aastha Thapli


A Message

Samadhan as the name suggests is a ‘ solution ’ to every problem. Solution pertaining to not only society and women at large, but also was a solution to my professional pursuits and queries.

I am a Social Worker and in my experience of Three years - I somehow started loosing my motivation and dedication to sustain my passion to extend this profession by further continuing it, but my meeting Dr. Renu D. Singh and a team of high spirited volunteers and interns helped me restore and further reshape the purpose of my life, which is to live a life not only of truth, dignity and integrity but also to utilize my life in service of others through selfless endeavors.

I have developed as a professional under an umbrella of transformatory supervision and guidance, which allowed me to splurge on my own potential and explore it to the maximum level in the benefit of the organization. I learned about leadership and truly confirm on the fact that given an army of 100 tigers and leaded by 1 dog cannot accomplish its target, but an army of 100 dogs leaded by 1 tiger can surely set a mark.

Everyday at the organization was not less enough to leave me flabbergasted, it came with a whole set of learning, challenges and life changing experiences of stories depicting struggle and survival of the victims who become epitomes of success and strength after their stay at Samadhan.

I would personally recommend Samadhan to aspiring youths who want to be a catalyst in bringing a societal and judicial change, filling the lives of helpless and victimized people with hope and strength to live life on their own terms.

Best Wishes to future Interns & Externs

Aastha Thapli

MSW (2015) - Christ University, Bengaluru

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 05 May 2015

POSTED BY : Ashima Kandwal

Ms.Ashima Kandwal


A Message to all my Intern Friends

I always had hopes to stand up for women Rights, my own Rights, but seldom do you find such a place where voicing your values is not against your traditions and values. At Samadhan my thoughts found a stable ground and validated my own values. 

Samadhan is just not an organization but I put it in ma’am’s (Madam Renu D Singh) words, it is a ‘Thought’. A powerful thought that has been brewed and made concrete over a span of years. And with every passing year group of people who join it imbibe those powerful words and thoughts that motivates them and instill in them a new value to not just stand up for the society but for themselves.

Personally, I have experienced my mind opening like petals, and it has taken the form of a beautiful rose with its own share of strengths, weaknesses, obstructions and threats, that would bloom despite all. It has been an awakening and highly informative experience. 

I believe Samadhan provides a space for personal, intellectual, moral growth and has inculcated a deep sense of being humble and dedicated to the cause I have chosen.

Ashima Kandwal

An Intern at Samadhan

Counseling Psychologist- TISS, Mumbai

                                                          POSTED ON : Fri, 01 May 2015

POSTED BY : Esha Chaudhary

Dear Friends and all Future Interns


I had done consecutively Two Internship in Samadhan Both in 2014 and 2013 for one month each and I wanted to write about my wonderful experiences at Samadhan and also give a message to all my friends who want to do Internship at Samadhan.

First I would like to Thank Renu Maam and all the team members of Samadhan.

I want to share some of my Internship Experience at Samadhan and the Benefits that I got from Samadhan and Advice all my future Internship friends


My Experience:

1)  I lived very Care-Less life during all my student life and till a Year Back – I learnt how to be Disciplined / self-contained / motivated / Responsible.etc.  Out of which Discipline is the most important element to be successful in the life, hence – Discipline is the Mother of all Success.

2)  I learned to Respect the Rules & Regulations – wherever we go or we live or we work, every surrounding has its own Rules & Regulations. Such as we live in India …Hence we must follow the Law of the Land and respect the Constitution. When we work in a company or some Organization we must respect and follow the set of Rules & Regulations developed for that Organization.

3)  Know our own Country’s  History & Respect, Respect your Parents as-they-are, do not try to Modify or Change them & be Responsible towards them and Love what U are (i.e Love Yourself).

4)  Love your own Collage or where ever you are Seeking your Education – Since it is the Temple of Knowledge and this is the place where we all cultivate our life time education and learnings.



1) The most important is the MENTORING that everybody receive from Samadhan (Directly or Indirectly) not only for career but also for our in General Life and day-today living – And this You will not get anywhere or in any Internship. – The Mentoring will make you a perfect Lady or Perfect Gentlemen.

2)  At Samadhan - The Internship will help you to understand you’re self, as to what you should do in your career and excel to the best.

3)  My 2 year Internship & the Mentoring from Samadhan, has helped me to face my  Job Interview and today I have secured the Best of the Job in the Legal field with exceptional Pay package, and I am happy to say this.




1)  It will be great Mistake in your life by not doing an Internship from this wonderful organization called SAMADHAN – This is the place where you will become the Perfect Lady or Gentlemen and it is here that you will come to know and understand the Goal of our Life.

2)  Initially you may face some difficulties at Samadhan, since we all come from different Back Ground and different Environment – BUT those difficulties are the Real Teachings  - so….. Just don’t let it GO like that, understand these difficulties – And these experiences will make you the Real HUMAN.

3)  I want to say it to ever body – Nothing comes Free in this world – You have to spend to earn it back, be it Education, Job, Marriage, or anything that you can think of.

4)  last but not the least – Education is Not an Expenditure it is an Investment which keeps growing.


Friends this is all what I want to say and now it is your decision, as to what you want to do, and how you want to do.


Good Luck & all the success in your Life.


Your Friend,

Esha Chaudhary

(Ex Intern)




                                                          POSTED ON : Wed, 29 Apr 2015

POSTED BY : Snigdha Chandra

This is to all the future Interns / Externs

Samadhan the name itself is explanatory, A Solution To Your Problem & A Need of Your Life.

My experience in Samadhan was a fruitfull experince.To me it was my adventure trip where I learnt many things from my Mentor, team-mates and my mistakes.

We learnt to work in a team and completed many assignments that were given to us. We presented street play on different social issues that are evolving in our society every moment, organised awareness camp, visited Sessions Court and debate with different judges on different aspects and personal views. 

We visited UJALA Academy at Bhowali, Nainital. Also got an opportunity to visit Nainital High Court.

Environment at Samadhan:

No one can even say that one is doing his/her internship at Samadhan. We had a joyful and memorable month  here. We worked, played, laughed and ate together. One who comes here gets attached to the Samadhan Family and feels like his own family.Those days are just unforgettable for us.

For Future Interns:

Firstly Never use I for yourself the moment you enter in Samadhan you become the part of the Samadhan family and a part of a team.

Secondly Never underestimate yourself other interns (team mates) and the entire members of Samadhan family. 

Thirdly Strictly follow the rules & regulations of Samadhan. DO NOT try to experiment the rules. 

Fourthly, Work Hard and All The Best

Snigdha Chandra
(Law Student - Intern)

                                                          POSTED ON : Sun, 24 Aug 2014

POSTED BY : Aditya Prakash Singh

Respected Mam,
Samadhan is doing marvelous work for women empowerment.I personally experienced how Samadhan  always fighting against the evil of society.

Mam you and your entire team is always fighting for equity and Justice for women.

when I was intern here, I was surprised when I came to know about you and your team's dedication for the welfare of women as well as society. We can't imagine a civilized society without empowered women .I feel honored of being intern under your guidance. I salute You.

Working as a trainee with Samadhan  was a life time experience for me.

My best wishes is always with samadhan.

(Advocate allahabad high court)

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 05 Aug 2014


SAMADHAN.... Really don't know what to say about you or what to comment about you I think the most wonderful experience of my life was at samadhan. I really cant describe the place in words. It is the ocean of knowledge and world full of love,care and affection.First my mam Dr. Renu D Singh, you actually deserve the salutes from everyone. I have never seen such a wonderful person in my life. I think you are the ANGEL from heaven in this furious world. I cannot forget you forever. The energy you are having I think its similar to sun's power. We get light from sun and sun take us away from darkness similarly you have a divine power of building ones life full of joy, affection and love. You live your life for others which i think today not a single person does. You are the true example of Friend, Philosopher and Guide. I love you mam and thanks a lot for allowing me to be an intern of your organisation.Then comes the members of samadhan, I think you all know very well how much i love you and how much i miss you. Rather than this i want to say that you are the real heroes of this world. All the people who watch movies and feel great should once visit samadhan and meet everyone then you can know the truth of this world.Samadhan is the place where you can learn the meaning of your life and it is the only place where you can see the real face of the society you live in. You will feel like you are living among those personalities who teach a lesson in every step of your life. As a law intern i went there but came back as a filtered person who not only have a vast knowledge of law but also of life. I learnt what is discipline, what is love for others, how to live for others and how to fight the difficulties of life. As law student i had a wonderful experience got to know about real life cases, learned to file RTI, first time in life filed PIL at Nanital High Court. The books of IPC, CRPC which we thought are very dangerous and fear to study are now our day to day dealings and the sections are learned as songs lyrics. This is all due to Samamdhan. All the research works gave us so much of knowledge that now truly we can say we are law students and can face any difficulty. Bot only in the field of knowledge also in the field of acting Samadhan made us a great actor. We performed street play for the awareness of law among the common people. I think it is the place where we go to gain everything and no loss And after coming from there i miss u all a lot Hope i will get another opportunity to visit SAMADHAN SAMADHAN AND MEMBERS LOVE YOU ALL A LOT.

                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 04 Aug 2014

POSTED BY : Adv. Aditya Prakash Singh

Respected Ma'am, Samadhan is doing marvelous work for women empowerment.I personally experienced how samadhan always fighting against the evil of society. Ma'am, you and your entire team is always fighting for equity and justice for women. When I was intern here, I was surprised when i came to know about you and your team's dedication for the welfare of women as well as society. We can't imagine a civilized society without empowered woman. I feel honoured of being intern under your guidence. I salute you. Working as a trainee with Samadhan was a life time experience for me. My best wishes is always with Samadhan. Jai Hind..

                                                          POSTED ON : Fri, 01 Aug 2014

POSTED BY : Kaushiki Sharma

Dear Mam, 

My 30 days summer internship at samadhan, dehradun was very memorable. Here, I changed my perceptions and behaviour against surnivors. 

At samadhan all the interns and staff are same level. so, you might be sent anywhere for field visit like courts, police stations etc. Samadhan provides not only an practical knowledge but also gives to outside intern a family environment. I would like to thank Renu Mam who has given me this great opprtunity to do all different research work, to know about the right of women and laws which are very helpful for my bright future.

                                                          POSTED ON : Wed, 30 Jul 2014

POSTED BY : Aradhana Bakshi

Dear mam, My 30 days prestigious summer internship tranning comes to an end and it was a wonderful and great experience working under the guidance of Renu D Singh mam. Research works, visiting police stations, courts, hospitals, banks any many other fields and most memorable moments were of Nukkad NATAKS where on the spot roles were given to us nd we have to perform on roads, parks and schools. Samadhan was like a second home to us all inmates are so co-operative and helping. We met so many enkindling people here from them we learned so many things and there experiences were really inspiring. It takes so much courage and patience to fight any battle of life which i learned in samadhan. Here you gain real life experiences and practical knowledge that helps a lot in your life. I am really very thankful to mam and samadhan for providing me such opportunity and for giving me knowledge which will go life long with me and will hep me a lot. Thanking you Aradhana Bakshi

                                                          POSTED ON : Wed, 30 Jul 2014

POSTED BY : Kalyani Chandra

To, Samadhan I kalyani chandra completed my 30 days internship programme at samadhan Dehradun, where I have some memorable and enjoyable days under the guidance of Advocate Renu D. Singh Mam. She is so co-operative, having a understanding nature truely she is key of knowledge. But ofcourse she is disciplined about your work. At Samadhan I learned a lot of experiences, some new laws, facts through the field visits of court, police thanas and by workshop too which I will carry further in my life. Samadhan belives in practical knowledge, no formalities are there. The interns and staff are at same level. The best thing that You will get a healthy and family environment here. It always stands for women, children and for all needy person. Samadhan define its names it is the solution for all. It was my first experiences at samadhan as an intern and I am sure these experiences would be milestone for my future. I am very grateful to Renu Mam who has given me this golden chance. IN A VERY SIMPLE POETIC WAY I WOULD LIKE TO SAY " tmhe chahiye agr kanoon ka vastavik gyan aao samadhan bnao apni ek alag pehchaan" Thank you kalyani chandra city group of colleges lucknow university.

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 29 Jul 2014

POSTED BY : Shweta Tomar

From :- An Intern

Dear mam,

The samadhan has taught me the way of life.

I entered here with the different approach towards society but exsiting with different one. 

It has taught me about women empowerment and there is a need to protect women and their Rights  in the society. It is also need to know the basic of  various Acts which are in our system for our protection. 

I also learned about the police reforms, judicial reforms and Human Rights.

I am very thankful to Samadhan family for changing my aspect about the world and gave me knowledge about my profession.

Thank You

                                                          POSTED ON : Thu, 03 Jul 2014

POSTED BY : Neelu Raut

A Sincere Message to All 

My association with Samadhan was meant to be ....

.......The stars waited patiently and aligned themselves perfectly for me to know about Samadhan and eventually learn from Renuji the Supreme Art of courtesy backed by strong will and boundless energy to sprout Positivity in every deprived soul.

She (RenuJI) inspires humanity with the will to do right and works relentlessly to drive evil out of the hearts of even the most dreaded.

I pray that God always keeps her blessed and that she may forever find her spirituality supporting her worldly pursuits.....

Neelu Raut
New Delhi

                                                          POSTED ON : Wed, 02 Jul 2014

POSTED BY : Iptisha Sonkar

From :- An Intern

Dear Maam,

I am very grateful to you, for giving me an oppurtunity to work under your etseem guidance and I got to learn so much from you. 

My days in Samadhan have been very beneficial,  helpful and knowledgeable. I remember all your teachings and advice given to us, during our Internship.

Maam, you are doing a great job and your dedication towards the needy in this time is commendable. You are doing a great service to Humanity and these efforts will surely bring changes in the society. 

You are doing a wonderful work and I hope your  efforts will never go in vain. 

Overall the Internship had been a wonderful experience. Thank you so very much and to entire team of Samadhan. 

And I hope that Samadhan will be able to help every possible person in future and achieve its aim of empowering women.

Yours sincerely,
Iptisha Sonkar (Intern at Samadhan)

                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 30 Jun 2014

POSTED BY : Shefali Kanojia

From - An Intern of Law Student

My experience at SAMADHAN NGO, DEHRADUN.

Respected maam,

It was wonderful to be an Intern under your guardian, it has sincerely brought great changes in my Life.

The Internship gave me NEW perception to look for the societies welfare and not just being confined to our own benefits. 

We learned about several topics like FIR, PIL,  IPC,  CrPC, Judicial Reforms, Judicial Activism, Labour Law, Human Rights, Sexual Harassment Act , Land Revenue Act and several other.

The best part of the Internship Program - were the field visit; we visited to various government hospital , district court and went out on the street of Dehradun to interview women police constable and to know about the hardships they are facing. These interactions one-to-one ...... Something that brought a great change within me and my heart.

Thanks maam for giving me so much of valuable knowledge not only in Law but also the knowledge of being in life.

Had I not taken up my Internship at Samadhan I would have lost the greatest opportunity of my life. As a student I recommend every student to do his / her Internship at least once  from Samadhan.

Yours sincerely,

                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 30 Jun 2014

POSTED BY : Charu Verma

From - An Law Intern....


Samadhan-The name speaks for itself. Yes ... I did get my solution.....

Interns have lot to do & learn over here at Samadhan, which I even did not get at my collage. Internship at Samadhan is full of Activities - the one  month Internship got over so fast ...... and took me by surprise that I have to go back to my Home.... I wish I could have extended my Internship program at Samadhan.

I am very thankful to maam that she allowed me to do my Internship program from Samadhan. 

I learned many things from here which I cannot learn from any bookish knowledge. 

Internship at Samadhan has provided me with great opportunity - since we were exposed to the reality of life, the real conditions and problems of society. 

I learned about Police Reform, SPCA, FIR, functioning of police system, what can be the new reforms which can be brought in the System, understanding of Judicial Activism, Judicial Reforms. Also I learned about the practical procedure of IPC and CrPC and under what sections women can be protected, especially the under-privileged women in the society.  

The guidance which we get here at Samadhan  is helpful in completing our tasks and objective.

We learnt how to use the Powerpoint Presentations - which are very helpful to project our viewpoint to the audience, these kinds of tools will be very helpful in near future at our workplace.... hence these types of activities have boosted  my self confidence.

I also learned about Labour Law, u.p. abolition zamindari Act....etc...etc.... and these were very important for me to know. 

Making documentaries, interviewing common citizenzs about their problems (Talking to women traffick police, poor people at doon hospital ...etc.), then court visit (mediation, awareness programme) all these activities were a new experience and a great learning. 

Yours sincerly
Charu Verma.

                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 30 Jun 2014

POSTED BY : C.k. Chandramohan

Simply Great Mitram!

To be the Mitram is the ultimate truth... and that is where Swamiji and Renu ji are trying to make you excel. What more do you want?

Make learning a lifelong process to excel in the field of your choice thereby helping the nation, colleagues and friends and not the least your family to make India/Bharat the great nation it has always been.

Chou..... keep it up

                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 30 Jun 2014

POSTED BY : Pallav Patra

From :- An Intern

My Experience at SAMADHAN, Dehradun

By Pallav Patra ; ALS Center-II, NOIDA


My 4-weeks long summer internship with Samadhan, Dehradun was indeed very memorable and eventful one - it changed my perceptions of how Law Education or for that matter any stream you are in and your skills can be utilized purposefully for the betterment of the underprivileged sections.

At Samadhan they really make you work hard and I assure you this is the best and only way to learn things which cannot be taught in the class room.

Humility – The Mantra at Samadhan:

Samadhan stands for the Rights of the women, children and underprivileged sections of the society. At Samadhan, Humility coupled with Empathy is the Mantra.

The interns and staff are treated at the same scale, be it in availing the facilities, accommodation and food. My experience, indeed, is humility will take you higher up in your endeavor.

Diligence and Patience:

Except for the formalities in applying for the internship, there are not many formalities in the work at Samadhan. You might be sent anywhere, ranging from Police stations to Courts, Hospital, State Information Commission, Govt. offices, Training institutes, shelter Home for women   (Nari Niketan), Kasai Muhalla and even street corners.

Visiting the sessions court at Dehradun in connection to the pending litigation of atrocities against women and to the High Court at Nainital to file PIL are formal type assignments. 

Go out, shoot public grievances in your cell phone, prepare documentaries for presenting at appropriate forums And enact Nukkad dramas (street plays), conduct legal awareness camps at odd places on issues like domestic violence , female foeticide, etc. are the extempore and socially relevant type jobs you perform. And go home at 4 or 5 pm – have your lunch (!).

But the day is far from over - you still have to write the report about your activities of the day. Then you attend a couple of workshops on different issues and go through the volumes of in-house case studies till late in the night which would be discussed the following morning.

Being Sensitive and Appreciative:

It doesn’t take long to be initiated into the Samadhan culture. Under the tutelage of Advocate and founding President Renu D Singh and her dedicated team you will be exposed to the atrocities against women and how prejudice and discrimination against them prevail at all levels. Not to be surprised, everyone with a basic decency and common sense will emerge rebellious.

With the endless crusade against the atrocities you naturally learn to appreciate the courage and relentless dedication of the Samadhan team. Advocate Renu D Singh is more than a name  - she is a phenomenal personality, a force of nature.

You will also have a sense of respect and admiration for NGOs- if not for their vigilance and activism; we would nearly be ruled by totalitarian governments.

High Self-Worth and relevance of your work:

The works you do at Samadhan are of high-worth. The research you make and the reports you prepare are really very helpful to carry forward the crusade for which Samadhan toils so hard. Consolidated reports are presented to officials, State Women Commission , press and many such people.

As a poetic justice, this makes you feel better and fulfilled.

Not  to be Fussy:

You earn a goldmine of experience in an internship. My experience at Samadhan is full of rich treasures that I will go long in my life.

My sincere advice to the future interns is that if you are not of the fussy type, you learn a lot and, indeed, will hit a gold mine. 

Now, it depends on you, how you want to execute your internship and the experiences you garner there. So the best thing is to change ones attitude, adapt to the situation and take something back from the internship. 

Being in the presence of brilliant and experienced people compensate for all the work you put in – expecting a stipend and easy job will take you nowhere.

Being at  Home:

At Samadhan, you are a family member and less of an outsider intern. The work condition is quite tough vis-a-vis other facilities of comfort the interns usually seek for, but the love, care guidance and tutelage you get here make you feel more at home than at a faraway place of nonchalant and extracting people.

Pallav Patra

 Student (Intern)

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 24 Jun 2014

POSTED BY : Ikumi Yoshimatsu

Dear RENU -

I won the Miss International beauty pageant in December 2012. Ever since then, I have been stalked, intimidated, and blackmailed. 

My stalker even tried to abduct me from a TV studio, made threatening calls to my family and told my parents that I could wind-up dead. 

He even hired private investigators to stalk me. I fear for my life and now have 24-hour security. 

I went to the Japanese police with 30 pieces of evidence. They did nothing. 

I went to the Japanese courts to ask for a restraining order. They, too, did nothing. 

What’s worse is that I’m not alone. Many women suffer because for centuries Japan has been plagued by a “culture of silence” toward crimes against women. 

However, there is hope. The current Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is a strong and vocal supporter of women’s rights. 

Mr. Abe’s leadership on this issue would be a game-changer -- and that’s why I’m asking him to establish a taskforce to investigate stalking and violence against women in Japan. 

My petition already has more than 1 lakh signatures and the endorsement of Mr. Abe’s wife, Akie. Sign my petition.

Japan is very sensitive to its reputation overseas -- if we raise our voices together in a global outcry, I know Mr. Abe won’t be able to ignore it. 

Please help me change my country so that women can start enjoying the economic and moral benefits of a truly equal society. 

Sign my petition and forward my mail to your friends. 

Thank you for taking action & the wonderful work that you are doing,

Ikumi Yoshimatsu

                                                          POSTED ON : Sun, 23 Feb 2014

POSTED BY : Faizan Khan

Renu mam

I want to thank the Renu mam and entire samadhan team for helping the people in the worst condition.
Help & fight against the wrong deeds.

Samadhan is providing the support to the women and helpless peoples.

I wish the whole team of samadhan a great success in all entire fields.

Thanks to Renu mam.


Faizan khan.(Hyderabad)

                                                          POSTED ON : Sun, 09 Feb 2014

POSTED BY : Ransher Singh Rathore

Congratulations mam....

It's really been a great pleasure learning under you;"The NGO Management Course" was a very intensive learning activity and helped me a lot in many ways. 

Ma'am you are doing a great job and it's a great service to humanity and the nation as a whole.

thank you once again maam.


                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 20 Jan 2014

POSTED BY : Pawan Kumar

Dear Madam,

I am so happy to know from various news paper that you have been awarded  the ICON of Uttarakhand, you really deserve such kind of many more Awards.

Your dedication work  towards the needy at their need of time is commendable, your selfless, committed and unconditional services  is beyond imagination in this era.

God Bless you and Samadhan 


Pawan Kumar  

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 14 Jan 2014

POSTED BY : Pradeep Raj

Dear RENU -

I am a person with disability. After years of hard work, I am now an international Para-Athlete representing India. There are 70 million people with disabilities in India

For the first time in Indian history, people with disabilities would have had a chance to get equal opportunities to work and live if the Disabilities Rights Bill had been passed. 

RENU, the Bill was to be passed in the winter session of the Parliament. But the Parliament session ended abruptly on 18th December, just before the Bill was tabled. 

started this petition on, telling the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Kamal Nath to live up to the promise the Government has made to this community. 

We want him to ensure that the Parliament will be reconvened in February for a few days and the Disabilities Bill be taken up by the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha for enactment. 

It will take them just one day to change the lives of millions of people. The Ministers need to know that thousands of people across India are watching them.

RENU, 70 million differently abled people need your support. Sign this petition and share it with your friends and family.

Salute for the Good work that you are doing... Keep it up.

Thank you,

Pradeep Raj 

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 14 Jan 2014

POSTED BY : K. F. Dhondy

Dear Respected Renuji,

Let us thank God that there are persons like you on earth.  More of such kind (like you) will slowly bring about a change which we cannot even imagine.

It was indeed my good fortune to have personally met you for a short while on our recent meeting.

I hope I can be of help in some small way, by doing something in line with what you believe in.

With kind regards,

K. Dhondy

                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 13 Jan 2014

POSTED BY : Praveen Bhatt


Our Renu Maam....


Congrats...... for getting the ICON of Uttarakhand award from the Indian Federation of Working Journalists (IFWJ) from its (Branch) State Union Federation of Working Journalists Uttarakhand.

We all from our Law collage salutes your hard work and dedication in the field of Social Work.

We all remember your Teachings and advice given to us during our Internship at Samadhan.

Please give your Blessings to all of us,

From : Praveen and All Students.

                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 13 Jan 2014

POSTED BY : Ashutosh Kumar

I am very thankful to Renu mam for giving us opportunity to learn under her guidance. 

The NGO management course of SAMADHAN is a very powerful course. It makes a person self independent and confident. One learns what is the need of the nation and the society and also how to work along with principles. 

After doing this training program I have learnt how to efficiently raise funds and manage their own NGOs.

Thank you for helping small NGOs...
Thank you once again, 

Sincerely Yours,

Ashutosh Kumar

                                                          POSTED ON : Wed, 08 Jan 2014

POSTED BY : Niharika

Dear Renu Maam,
I am very grateful to you, as you have provided me an opportunity to work under your guidance and learn so much from you. 

I salute you and your entire team for doing such a wonderful job without any self-interest. I am really short of words to describe you and your spirit of working as a global citizen and helping each and every needful. 

Ma'am the more I get to know you the more I fall in love with you and Samadhan. 

With love & Regards

                                                          POSTED ON : Thu, 19 Dec 2013

POSTED BY : Col. Rawat

This in reference to the Various News Articles about your Hard work to seek Justice for the poor and weaker section

Dear Renuji,

I am (Rtd) Col. Rawat – I have been following all your cases which normally which comes in the news paper, and I am particularly thankful to you for fighting in this Gang Rape Case for the past Five years. 

I am very much aware of the case and I should say you have shown the culprits their real place (Jail). 

I should also say you have extreme faith in God and in the constitution  of India and the results are in front of us.

God will bless you and give you Success in all your endeavors.

I hope to see you again at the Senior Citizen Training camp, very soon.

Col. Rawat

                                                          POSTED ON : Sat, 28 Sep 2013

POSTED BY : Abhinav Bindra

Dear RENU -

When I won the first gold medal for India at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it was a moment of pride for me and the entire nation. Today I am pained to see India’s Olympic dreams shattered because of corruption.

The Indian Olympics Association (IOA) was suspended from the Olympic movement for not following rules laid out by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The reason for suspension is due to IOA\'s poor ethical and governance standards.

That’s why we started this petition asking Jacques Rogge, the President of the IOC to ensure that the IOA follows the ‘Olympic Charter’. This in turn will make the sports administration in India corruption-free. 

As an Olympic gold winning athlete, I believe that stringent ethical standards should be non-negotiable. It is time we demand corruption-free sports administration in India.

The Executive Committee of the IOC is meeting this week where they will also discuss this issue. We want to ensure that thousands of voices, including yours, demanding a fair and corruption free sports administration in India is heard by the IOC.

Please Sign this petition and then forward this mail to your friends asking them to sign as well. Let\'s make our voices heard and ensure that the Indian sports administration is free of corruption.

Thank you for taking action,

Abhinav Bindra

Please chk your email and respond for signing the petition....

                                                          POSTED ON : Wed, 04 Sep 2013

POSTED BY : Amba Shivaranjani

Amba Shivaranjani (DEHRA DUN)says:
August 07,2013 at 05:42 PM IST

I personally know the lady who runs Samadhan, a very courageous and compassionate woman.In the Rape crisis Intervention Centre of samadhan, I have met all those brave  girls who had to face that soul scratching crime. Their agony can not be explained in words, because what they have faced in real,in words become very little.

 The best thing what i really admire about this NGO is that it is doing community based sustainable rehabilitation and restoration of social honor and social stake of those survivors without making them labeled as Rape victims . 

I only wish one thing that they should get justice and that might reduce their pain a little. I fully agree with the other commentates that, Role of police and Judiciary has to be fair and woman/gender sensitive  ,wrong doers should be brought to books , Victims should get justice within a fixed time frame; Justice delayed is justice denied.

 We wish more such NGOs like Samadhan  should come into action, where victims survivors are empowered to fight their own battle by learning law as mainstream Law students and are able to regain their confidence. 

Tell your friends about Samadhan Helpline. The Woman who runs Samadhan is a national asset, inspiration for so many.despite being so highly qualified and capable Lawyer and Advocate,she has chosen a tough  path of dedicating her life to a mission very few would dare to even think of.... All  like minded  and Right thinking people would feel proud of her. 

My salute to all those girls and heartfelt gratitude to Samadhan and Adv. Renu D Sing.

Amba Shivaranjani.

                                                          POSTED ON : Fri, 09 Aug 2013

POSTED BY : Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj


We all need to feel these affected women as our own mothers, sisters and daughters.It makes us tremble and ashamed to understand what they all have undergone.People who have made it a mission to live for such affected women and their uplifting towards self confidence and dignified independent thinking life in the world, are to be saluted. Adv. Renu D Singh who runs Samadhan (Comfort in disappointment or misery) is an institute in herself who has dedicated her entire life for these affected women in misery. 

She is a national asset and our pride. Every person should feel a mission to consider  that women need to live in dignity. They are not toys for anybody to do anything with them. They are humans and need to be respected. Today on one side women are making us proud in sports, educational and almost all fields. It is shame if we cannot give them respect, safe dignified life.

I have reproduced the comments that I felt after reading the wonderful  article Nobody's women. Not very often that we come across people who practice of what they talk. Renu d singh  is one such !. I have been watching her for more than fifteen years now. She does deliver. She practices. She lives for the women who are victims of Violence...

No woman coming to her will anymore have to feel as nobody's. I have seen women calling her mummy.Once they are there with her, are no more miserable,they all are Proud Survivors and Citizens of Globe with Dignity . I have seen many such victims regaining their Mental Stability, Dignity and Self Confidence to live normally, like anybody else.

Many have come as cut, beaten, raped in  such a miserable condition. They have been helped to regain their lost Emotional stability, Physical health and training to lead a meaningful life. Not only this, it is amazing to see Renu's mental strength and abilities that she trains others to be able to help affected women.She helps anybody going to her to become aware of one's own abilities, no more dependency, ready to help others as a true Human.  

An appreciation should not be gender based, No jealousy man, appreciation should come based on Talents, Merit, Abilities, if they are women, so what, they all  are our mothers, sisters, daughters who make us proud. Physical abilities and stamina may have limits but mental abilities have no limits. Anybody can achieve anything.

Before knowing about Renu as an Activist , I just saw a daughter in her, down the years now when I have seen her work and achievements She is my Pride.I wish and convey blessings to her for  long, healthy, peaceful life  and may many many needy people benefit from her mission work !. 

Also blessings and appreciations to all the team members working dedicated with her in Samadhan.

With love and blessings,

Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi
9 August 2013

                                                          POSTED ON : Fri, 09 Aug 2013

POSTED BY : Harshini Kanhekar

(This is in Reference to the Article in – The Times of India, ‘Nobody’s Women’ – written by Anand Soondas on Dated – 4th Augest 2013 )

I have visited Samadhan in Aug 2011....and I met the victim girls...and there are no words to describe their agony, their pain, the circumstances they came from..

I talked with each and every girl…. those who have not came across such situations can not imagine it.

Small girls (may be from poor or rich families)...males are considering women worst than a disposable glass...use n through…. or .murder...!

Hats off to Renuji, she has devoted her life, her family to survival of such victim gals to rehabilitate...not only rehabilitate, to educate them not only for formality, she is teaching them LAW...and teaching them to fight for their own by themselves...her family face lots of big problems….. hurdles…. but I have never seen such a great family.. fighting to survive the nobody\'s women...!


Thank You Again.


                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 06 Aug 2013

POSTED BY : Rahul Kr. Maurya

(This is in Reference to the Article in – The Times of India, ‘Nobody’s Women’ – written by Anand Soondas on Dated – 4th Augest 2013 ) 

Dear Sir...

Really wonderful Hats off to SAMADHAN for its dedication and fearless works for sufferers by protecting them from the so called protectors (police) and Hippocratic society.

We live in a society where pizza gets to our house before the police. We only worry and raise hue and cry when the evil and bad things knock our door now it is the need of the time that we promote and lend a helping hand to such people like crusaders of Samadhan in performing humanitarian and constructive work.

Rahul kr. Maurya


                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 06 Aug 2013

POSTED BY : Pari Cutepriyanka

(This is in Reference to the Article in – The Times of India, ‘Nobody’s Women’ – written by Anand Soondas on Dated – 4th Augest 2013 )

Salute and Hats Off to Samadhan! 

No one can imagine the pain these girls have gone through.

I just wish and pray that one day Govt. or God will wake up to see its so beautiful creation being abandoned and mercilessly tortured like this and will punish the culprits as harshly as possible!

Kindly let me know if I can do be of any help!


Pari Cutepriyanka

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 06 Aug 2013

POSTED BY : Neha Kesarwani

(This is in Reference to the Article in – The Times of India, ‘Nobody’s Women’ – written by Anand Soondas on Dated – 4th Augest 2013 )

Its heart wrenching to read what I just read.. But somehow it did not shock me! I do not want to call this just another case, like all of us have been saying \'Ek aur rape case ho gaya.... is baar 5 saal ki bacchi ka hai...ya 9 saal ki bacchi hai... etc\'.

Unfortunately heinous crimes like these become another statistics and soon forgotten. We witnessed the nation awaken to \'Crime against women\' in December.

Everyone knew the outcome (how it would become a political agenda and travel down the drain)...but we fought... till we all got busy (ironically and sadly)... leaving the unfortunate ones to their \'men inflicted torture\'.

I call them unfortunate because perhaps being a woman in their situation was their fault. I salute these women to consider themselves survivors and not victims…. to fight and live with their heads held high!

Thank you Samadhaan for taking the initiative and fighting for the cause..

Thank you for making me believe \'Be the change to make the change...\' We must speak of this issue till we are able to change at least a few mindsets!

Keep Going.....

Neha Kesarwani - New Delhi

                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 05 Aug 2013

POSTED BY : Haridas Nair

(This is in Reference to the Article in – The Times of India, ‘Nobody’s Women’ – written by Anand Soondas on Dated – 4th Augest 2013 )

Sir / Madm.

In our constituency, a lot of women\'s never raise their voice on these kind of tortures.

Still who ever show up the courage to do it, harassed by police, relatives, society etc. i salute the good heart, who started this \"Samadhan\" 

I prey, there may be less victims in future!

Haridas Nair

                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 05 Aug 2013

POSTED BY : Shilpa


I went through the touching  article published in TOI this morning, titled as Nobodys Women. My prayers and good wishes are with that young woman who   survived those atrocities.

How is she now? WIll she be able to walk after the leg injury? We would pray for her safety and good life ahead. Let her know if you can that she is not a "Nobodys woman" but "Gods woman that is why Almighty saved her and brought her to SAMADHAN.

All those at samadhan are angels ,and Brave Hearts of God..Society may not talk openly about them..But we know that EVERY womans heart GOES  with them..

May god bless you all!


                                                          POSTED ON : Sun, 04 Aug 2013


 Dear Renu maam,

Thank you for your guidance and the soft skills which are uniquely yours, which we learnt at  the NGO management course last week. One cannot learn from text books which we got to learn at your high impact workshop/classes.

 I do not know what motivates you to move ahead with your Mission with such a Passion, your dream of Empowered  women who know and stand up for their rights and an  Enlightened and Progressive India will come true because those who learn from you will  always be so charmed that they all will ultimately join your Gr8 Mission ! 

We believe in you and your Mission of making The Globe free of Violence against Woman and child , and Samadhan is growing in numbers every single day... and each number is a powerful one! 

Thank you for holding my hand when I thought I had lost everything, more than a year since I have learnt so much: the suffering of other women which is even greater than mine and how I can help them. I owe my sanity to you. Love you Samadhan !

With Love and Respect,


                                                          POSTED ON : Fri, 02 Aug 2013

POSTED BY : Kirit Shah

My name is Kirit,

I meet two of your volunteer at Uttarkashi who helped me and our family to evacuate safely, I want to thank Samadhan for the unconditional help that we got from them, without your help and support we could not have reached safely.

We have no words to say thanks,

Jay Shri Krishna,


                                                          POSTED ON : Sat, 06 Jul 2013

POSTED BY : Ashutosh Kumar

 This is my first internship, at SAMADHAN and it was a boon to me and my Career.

Here at Samadhan -  I got to know NGO operation, How to work as an Advocate , Counselor, Social Worker.... etc, all under one roof. 

Renu maam and the entire Team of SAMADHAN is doing a great job and I feel proud to be a part of this great organization.

Thank you maam, 

Once again - Its really a great learning experience.

                                                          POSTED ON : Fri, 05 Jul 2013

POSTED BY : Sumit Rishi

Dear Samadhan Group,

Congrats for your good work. Yes its really tragic in Uttarakhand. We stand with the people of the state.


Can you please mail me the details as to what extent & which particular field you are helping the people of the state.


Thank You,


CA. Sumit Rishi

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 25 Jun 2013

POSTED BY : Adv. Renu D Singh

We from SAMADHAN express our condolences on account of the unprecedented Natural Calamity, particularly in the State of Uttarakhand. 

The Members of SAMADHAN are deeply saddened by the loss of life and property ...... in Uttarakhand as well as parts of Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Our thoughts, at this difficult time, are with the families of those who lost their lives, those who were injured, and with those who have suffered Damage to Homes and Property.

We Request more Members and volunteers to come forward to give helping Hand to the needy people in these Areas.

God Bless the Departed Souls.....

Jai Hind

Adv. Renu D Singh

                                                          POSTED ON : Fri, 21 Jun 2013

POSTED BY : Richa Jauhari

Respected Ranu Mam,

Its my privilege to be your student. I had done the NGO management course from SAMADHAN under your guidance. It gave me the confidence, courage and knowledge to open and manage my own NGO. You have always been there for us, a great support and  guided us in our en-devour. We will always be  indebted to you. Thank you  for being a guiding light.

Thankyou to you and Sir.

Richa and Rajiv

                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 10 Jun 2013


Thankyou Mam For everything.

                                                          POSTED ON : Mon, 10 Jun 2013

POSTED BY : Meghana

Respected mam,

I want to thank you and your entire Samadhan team for helping me in my worst phase of my life. Your counselling has helped to gain confidence and courage to fight against the wrong. I am really thankful to you for all the needed legal advise and guiding me through the entire process. Samadhan has provided me so much support emotionally, psychologically and  legally.
Thank you for everything!

Your helpline is doing a great job.Doing so much for the society selflessly is really applaudable. I woiuld be glad if i could be a help in any way in your fight against injustice to women and the downtrodden.

Thank you

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 04 Jun 2013


Dear Mrs. Singh,

I spoke with you yesterday and for the first time I felt I had been heard. I had spoken to a great many lawyers in Delhi and even another NGO, but it was either all about money or my case was not even understood. 

With you I felt that I am with just the person I need, not only are you knowledgeable and connected but you also have compassion and the time to listen, and your organization has a human face. 

I was totally confounded by the complexity of my case involving US laws, I'm glad you are here with your organization in our Dehradun. 

Thank you so much for being YOU. 

I'm glad you are guiding our youth too. 

We will make a great India!


                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 21 May 2013

POSTED BY : Aatifa

An Appreciation for giving a New Life 

Dear Renu Mam,

It was really very kind, generous and strength giving on your part that you supported me in my toughest days of life. It is so strange that in some matters we cannot even confer with our family or parents, though at that time we need them the most. You people gave me a motherly care and advice and helped me come out of my grief. This free of cost social service is a very good step raised by you all in the matter of feminism. I congratulate you for this and pray to God that you dwell in prosperity and happiness. 

My second life is owed to you. 

It is no doubt a very good platform for girls in India on which they can rely upon. 

Thanks again.


Ms. Aatifa 

                                                          POSTED ON : Thu, 02 May 2013

POSTED BY : Amreen Mirza


Renu mam good work keep going ....good luck

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 02 Apr 2013

POSTED BY : Ramesh

Madamji  and Sirji,


Myself and our family would like to thank you for the “Samiran-Sakti Scholarship” given to my younger sister.  I am sure God will bless Samadhan. I will also tel all my village people for the help that you have given.


Thank You



                                                          POSTED ON : Sun, 10 Mar 2013

POSTED BY : Gurjeet Singh, Dy Commandant, Cisf

Respected Renu D. Singh,   

I ,along with my wife, express my heartfelt gratitude to samadhan NGO for providing valuable inputs pertaining  "women safety & security" to the families of CISF personnel & the working ladies of CISF on 06-03-2013 at CISF unit, Jolly Grant Airport

 The methodology adopted to impress upon the targeted group  having discreet profile was really laudable.The efforts of the NGO  (Samadhan)  in bringing the society in its original form are the great steps for humanity in general and the nation in particular.

I wish the whole team of  SAMADHAN  a great success in all their endeavors.

With Regards,

Gurjeet Singh
Dy Comdt/CASO
(ASG Dehradun Airport)

                                                          POSTED ON : Thu, 07 Mar 2013

POSTED BY : Vishal Goyal


                                                          POSTED ON : Thu, 14 Feb 2013

POSTED BY : Seeta Goyal

I am sure SAMADHAN is a single incredible NGO in Uttarakhand , who is working very Honestly for Women and Children. Thanks to Samadhan..... Keep doing Good work we all support SAMADHAN ....

                                                          POSTED ON : Thu, 14 Feb 2013

POSTED BY : Dr.tarun Bookeshwar

In my life I have come across many NGOs but when I came across SAMADHAN - I saw an NGO which was working in its TRUE sense and complete dimension. Samadhan has been working incredibly towards Judicial and Police Reforms and its work toward weaker section of the society specially toward the Women which has been an outstanding one.I saw many innocent Rape victims who were provided with Legal aid against all odds at Samadhan Resource Center Dehradun. The story dosen't ends here.. Samadhan not only gave NEW dimension to their life but also filled each one of the innocent victims with more Courage and Dignity to move Ahead in Life....Renu Mam I truly SALUTE you to be the True Indian which resides in your dreams,acts & thoughts....

                                                          POSTED ON : Sat, 09 Feb 2013


SAMADHAN.. as the name suggests.. SOLUTION.... and this NGO is a true abode of Solutions..related to Women Rights, Child Abuse, Molestation, Education,RTI and what less.....Usually NGOs that i have come across with, works without big motives but SAMADHAN works directly for People, Humanity and Values.. I salute Samadhan and team for the great work.... Cheers!!

                                                          POSTED ON : Sat, 09 Feb 2013

POSTED BY : Pankaj Sharma

One of the best NGO I have ever come across! I have heard a lot Positive about the organization, they are the best in field! cheers to team Samadhan!

                                                          POSTED ON : Sat, 09 Feb 2013

POSTED BY : Kanika Sindhi

SAMADHAN is not just an NGO,its a Home for everyone who is under privileged, and who are exploited in the Society ....Samadhan is the organization where most of the Social problems are Solved or Solution is provided....Once u come here ...ur problem will not just be will be sorted from the gives u a new life....and of-course its one such place where village kids come to achieve a bright future too - I am a witness to all these happenings in my past 4 years of association with SAMADHAN. Keep doing this work .....Renu Mam...I am always with you.

                                                          POSTED ON : Fri, 08 Feb 2013

POSTED BY : Adv. Rawat

It was wonderful seeing you at the Dehradun Court yesterday - I have been hearing about you and your Organization "SAMADHAN" for several years, but yesterday it was my first time to see you so Closely the way you work and the system of your working in the court, I am very much glade with your contribution and commitment & conviction to work is commendable. Your effort and selfless work in training the Law interns was totally impressive. I also appreciate the dedication you put to get Justice from the Court for the poor victims. Your selfless services towards the society are the inspiration to Millions of Lawyers and Law students. God Bless you and your Work. (Dehradun)

                                                          POSTED ON : Wed, 06 Feb 2013

POSTED BY : Simran

Mamm .... I saw your Talk Show in the Lok Sabha TV . It was very good and informative. Please let me know in advance when is your next show on the TV. Please also do a Talk show on Child Rights and Electoral Reform. (Mumbai)

                                                          POSTED ON : Sun, 27 Jan 2013

POSTED BY : Maria James

I am astounded to see the overwhelming success of your Talk Shows on various TV Channels which are being Telecast from time to time. I must appreciate the efforts that have been put by you to make all your shows a great success. In particular the way you tackle the famous social personalities Policy Makers and Actors with ease where as a lot of people shudder to even talk to them, this is commendable. I often come across various people congratulating for your commendable efforts. I am sure that these various TV channels are happy to have found a Person like your caliber. In recognition to your successful efforts and Excellent and Honest work in your field I have taken this opportunity to send this letter. Keep it UP and Long live Samadhan.

                                                          POSTED ON : Sat, 26 Jan 2013

POSTED BY : Yashpal

Madame - I saw your Lok Sabha TV program it was very good. I would also like to comment what Mr. Nishant has said below, it is very true, it is so disturbing and disgusting to read these comments. Well I came to know that this person is being Charge-sheeted under the Indian Law, and Samadhan is helping the wife of this person and the wife is a victim of this person, and this is the reason why This person is Harming and Defaming Samadhan. I also strongly feel there should be some Legal action taken in this regard. Jai Hind - Jai Bharat ....and let us all keep doing the good work that we are all doing in Samadhan.

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 22 Jan 2013

POSTED BY : Nishant Singh

To, The Founding President, This is to inform you that there is only One person out in the Internet making misleading and False comments on various Web Sites. This person is inflicting harm and Defaming Samadhan and its Nobel work and also harming the Image and the process of Rehabilitation of various poor backward (St/Sc) women victims. I as a member request all other members to keep a close vigil on the Internet for any such abusive and misleading comments from this person. And please inform the same to Samadhan along with the Links. I am also sending all such Links which I have found till now to your Email. Please do take some Legal Action in these regard at the earliest. Thinking You, Regards. Nishant.

                                                          POSTED ON : Sun, 20 Jan 2013

POSTED BY : Rahul & Soni

At last the Wait is over ...!!!!!...Congrats... We are all happy to see the All New Samadhan Web Site. I have send some suggestion regarding the Web Site in your Email. Happy Makar Sankranti to all our Members.

                                                          POSTED ON : Tue, 15 Jan 2013

POSTED BY : John Hinz

Good evening : Good to see a Gr8 New Web Site , Very Good

                                                          POSTED ON : Fri, 11 Jan 2013

POSTED BY : Raman Chand

Too ..Good !!!!!!!!!!! Mam - This the real look of Samadhan, Keep it up - and Thanks to our Software Department.

                                                          POSTED ON : Thu, 10 Jan 2013

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