Public Notice:- Please be informed that Samadhan is a genuinely registered voluntary organization and it does not do any Placement, Recruitments, Jobs or field work. Please be informed, we are not responsible if some criminals doing fraud by using our name and logo fraudulently to dupe people. 1-We from SAMADHAN express our condolences on account of the unprecedented natural calamity Earthquake, particularly in the State of NEPAL. 2-The Founding President Advocate Renu D Singh has been Awarded ICON of Uttarakhand for Women Empowerment & Exemplary Social Work, by State Union of Working Journalists a part of Indian Federation of Working Journalist – IFWJ 3-Adv.Renu D Singh consistently fought for Justice for a Poor Valmiki Girl for Five years - the girl was Gang Raped by Powerful Politicians - On 25th Sept 2013 a landmark verdict was given by the Dehradun Court of the Honble. Justice Amit Sirohi announced that the court has found the accused Promod Gupta Former Cooperative Bank Chairman and former Senior Political leader and their associates Guilty of Gang Rape and & was given Double Life Sentence. 4-Dear Members & Visitors Please leave your Comments on the GUEST BOOK, Thanks.
About President

Samadhan´s Founding President, Renu D Singh is a devoted follower of Indian Constitution, a dedicated and honest Lawyer by Profession and a committed Social Activist by choice Mrs. Renu has vast knowledge of Human Rights and has done phenomenal contribution in the field of social work to empower the weaker sector in the Society. She has published various articles on Human Right issues in reputed Magazines. 

A Brief Profile


Advocate – Renu D Singh

Belonging to an Intellectual & Illustrious family and being a responsible daughter of an ardent educationist (Late) Dr. Shakti Dhar Singh (Ex. Principal & Chairperson of DAV PG College - Lucknow) Adv. Renu D. Singh has been an Activist Lawyer since the past 30 years. 

Adv. Renu D. Singh (Mrs. Renu Sarkar) completed her education in the field of Law and Master in English Literature from Lucknow University. She is a natural polyglot and can understand and speak over thirteen national and foreign languages. She is married to Sanjiv Sarkar an IT Engineer by profession and now have dedicated to the work of Samadhan, a firm follower of Swami Vivekananda’s Teaching and works. Both have one Son who is a Computer Engineer and a Commissioned officer in the Indian Army. 

Adv. Renu D. Singh founded SAMADHAN (N.G.O.) – to work towards “Common person’s Access to Social and Criminal Justice System”. SAMADHAN runs a “Rape Crises Intervention Center - RCIC” at Dehradun Uttarakhand (a first of its kind in North India) – She has supported & Empowered over 1000 Female Survivor of Sexual violence & crime in the past 30yrs. She is currently the Legal Counselor to various Rape and Domestic Violence Victims.

At Samadhan - Adv. Renu D. Singh runs a Mahila Legal Helpline, providing 24X7 Legal help, Counseling and support to the and Minority women victims entirely Free of Cost. Her NGO is a Non-Funded Organization which has been providing its services since the past 20 years.

Adv. Renu D. Singh imparts Training to the Armed Forces, Corporate Sector and School & Colleges (such as Sashastra Seem Bal – SSB, Central Industrial Security Force - CISF, ONGC, Central Schools, Business Schools, Law Schools etc… ) on Women Rights and Women related issues like special Constitutional provisions for Women such as; Right  to Life, protection of Women from Violence including Domestic Violence, Dowry, Female Feticide, Sexual Harassment, How to file a FIR, How to file and use RTI for the purpose of National Development and Justice, Police Reforms etc.

SAMADHAN is also nominated as a ‘Service Provider’ under PWDV Act 2005 in the Uttarakhand State Government Gazette. Adv. Renu D. Singh is also the Legal Counselor for District Child Welfare Committee – CWC Dehradun. She has also been nominated by Uttarakhand Police to do Analysis Report on “Crimes Against Child” for specific cases.

Adv. Renu D. Singh has been constantly imparting Legal Awareness, Capacity Building and Empowerment Training to Women of rural areas from the hilly state of Uttarakhand and from Uttar-Pradesh. Till date she has imparted Capacity Building Training to more than 100 villages. She is well known as a keen Legal Counselor and also imparts Legal Awareness Training to Senior Citizens as well. Every year over 100 students from various National and International Universities and Colleges undergo Internship/Externship under Adv. Renu D. Singh’s eminent guidance.

Adv. Renu D. Singh is well traveled in India, Middle-East, South-East Asia etc. and has represented women related issues at various international forum.

Adv. Renu D. Singh has actively voiced her concerns on the issues to bring changes to the Law on Crime against Women and Child and strict implementation & compliance of legal entitlement and Constitutional Rights relating to women. She has also presented her Policy Papers to the (Retd.) Hon’ble J.S. Verma Committee in this regard. With this effect she has participated as Debater on various National and International Television Channels- such Lok Sabha TV/ Doordarshan / ABC / Network 10…… etc, and various Print Media has written on her exemplary work related to women & Child issues and various other social development concerns.

Adv. Renu D Singh is recipient to numerous Awards and Recognitions from various National & International Social Groups / Organizations and Institutions. Some of the Prestigious Awards & Recognitions that  were conferred to her includes -  Subhariti Award for outstanding contribution in the field of Social Work & Human Rights of Women / Awarded as The ICON of Uttarakhand for Women Empowerment & Exemplary Social Work,  this Award was conferred to her by the State Union of Working Journalists (a part of Indian Federation of Working Journalist – IFWJ) for 2013 / Vocational Excellence Award for Outstanding Services to Humanity – given by the Rotary Club – India. And many such Awards have been acclaimed by her. 


• B.A. Hon. (English Literature, Political Science, World History).

• M.A Spl. (English Literature). 

• L.L.B. (Registered at Bar Council).

• PG.D.S.W (Masters in Social Works) Specializing in Community Development & Welfare.

• PG.D.H.R.I.L. (P.G. Diploma in Human Rights and International Law).

• PG.D.F.L.(P.G Diploma in French Language).

• A.D.C.S. (Advance Diploma in Computer Studies).


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